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I'M Cherelle

I’m an eating disorder recovery coach who helps individuals overcome their eating disorders while discovering their highest potential so they can gain clarity and attract the life they’ve always dreamt of living. I’m obsessed with helping individuals overcome their eating disorders, manifest their dreams, achieve their goals, and create lives they don’t need to escape from.

I understand how difficult and often hopeless the recovery process can feel. I also understand how incredible overcoming your biggest obstacle can be. Recovery is not a linear process but with the right support it can be the most transformative experience of your entire life. 

After supporting numerous individuals through their recovery processes, I am extremely passionate about continuing this work. I would love to support you through not only recovering from your eating disorder but also exploring and discovering the essence of who you are without your eating disorder.

I created Coaching By Cherelle as a response to this internal pull. This space is a direct manifestation of my desire to help those suffering from eating disorders find their worth, gain clarity, feel empowered, and achieve their dreams, all while living life on their own terms. 

As your coach and ally, I will help empower you to find the strength to beat your eating disorder, connect to your inner wisdom, and overcome obstacles while helping you live a fulfilling life. 

Throughout the process, I assist my clients in gaining clarity while finding solutions to the challenges they may face along their journey to recovery. My approach is focused on changing thought patterns by creating new thoughts that enable you to take action towards achieving your desired results.

I work closely with you to address your needs and desires to facilitate change early on in the coaching process, while providing you with continued support, compassion, and accountability. I act as your personal visionary helping you address your reactions and beliefs to facilitate positive behavior modification.

Start Betting On Yourself

Do you ever feel as if you're meant for more? 

Are you just sick and tired of living below your highest potential?

You've been feeling the pull towards recovery but for some reason you can't figure out how to become your most aligned self. 

I'm here to let you know you're in the right place. 

Achieving your goal of recovery and living your best life is within your grasp. 

It's time. 

Let me show you how

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