Aligned With Abundance 


10 week group program 


  • Ready to stop playing small and start becoming the woman you know you were created to be? 

  • Ready to gain clarity on the life path you should take? 

  • Ready to manifest EVERYTHING (yes, even THAT) your heart desires? 

  • Ready to hit your goals and start living the life you've always dreamed of?  

  • Ready to stop struggling and start making life as easy as possible in all areas?

  • Ready to harness your power, stand in your truth, and have unshakable confidence? 

  • Ready to invite an uncanny level of abundance into your life?

  • Ready to step into the essence of who you were created to be?

Can You Just Picture It Now? 

Inside this 10-week mastermind program you will receive the coaching, content, sisterhood and results you’ve been wanting to welcome into your life for years. You will radically transform your self worth, business, and relationships for life.

You’ll learn the foundation for creating and attracting a soul-aligned life through energetic healing, intuition, and embodiment.

Most importantly, you will welcome an unbelievable amount of abundance into your life. 

You will STOP living below your greastest potential and finally step into the powerhouse you were created to be. You will harness your feminine personal power and sensuality to become the lightleader you were born to be.

And best of all? You don't have to do this alone. You will be welcomed into a sisterhood with other women who are dealing with the exact same struggles. There's just something so special about ascending to your highest level alongside other women who are doing the same. 

It's time,Queen. 


The 7 Core Elements of Ascension 

1: Changing Your Mindset

2: Moving With Mindfulness

3: Clearing Negative Thoughts

4: Healing Your Inner Child

5:  Discovering Your Purpose

6: Manifestation 101

7: Unleashing Your Inner Goddess: Stepping Into Confidence

Click the button below to apply and set up a call to make sure

The Aligned with abundance Mastermind

is a great fit for you.

This 10-week group ascension experience will take you on a journey to DIVE DEEP into your next level self. You will radically transform every area of your life. If you are tired of playing small and are ready to start living at your highest level this program is for YOU

This is NOT a surface level program. This experience will require you to dive deep in order to banish the limiting beliefs that have held you back for so long. 

You will ALIGN and EVOLVE in ways that are unimaginable. 

The container that is Aligned With Abundance is absolutely magical.

There is truly no other word to describe this program. 

You will create a deep relationship with yourself through healing each and every broken part. You will experience a new sense of strength spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

You will walk away with the tools needed to manifest the life of your dreams! 

Best of all? You will be FULLY supported by a group of amazing, soul-centered women! 

Here's What You Get: 

+ 10 Group Calls (all participants)  

+ 10 Ascension Group Calls (small groups of 5-10 women) 

+ 1 One on One Call with me* 

+ 24 hour support from me throughout the ENTIRE program

+ Aligned With Abundance Online Course (yours to keep forever)

+ Weekly videos, workbooks, guided meditations, embodiment practices, etc to help you embody your FULL Queenhood and manifest the life of your dreams! 

+ Private Facebook Group where you can connect with your sister queens

+ Accountability Partner (or best friend for life!) 

+ A sisterhood immersion event in NEW YORK CITY at the end of the program

+ Invitation and DISCOUNT to The Ascension Mastermind 5-Day Luxury Retreat taking place in Montego Bay, Jamaica in early 2020

+ Life-long sisterhood with other light leaders - PRICELESS


* Women who pay in full recieve a BONUS 1:1 call with me! 

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Hey Queen, 

Looks to me like you made it to the end of this page. I don't know about you but that seems like a clear sign that you've connected to this mission and your soul is calling you to apply for The Aligned With Abundance Mastermind.


I know it's scary. I know you want to press the little "x" in the top right corner but we both know you can't run away from this. It's time to answer the call. 


Fill out the application. What's the worst that could happen? You ascend and finally become the woman the Universe always knew you could be? Yeah, that sounds horrible.....fill it out anyway!


Can't wait to meet you sister queen! 

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