Do not be ashamed of your story

it will inspire others


​I'm Cherelle, a spiritually grounded eating disorder recovery coach who believes that you can create the life of your dreams with increased balance and awareness. I truly believe you can have anything you want with self-actualization and self-expression. Life is not always perfect. I've been where you are today. I've experienced trials and tribulations in both my personal and professional life that have made me feel as though I'd never recover. However, I'm here to reassure you that there is a bigger purpose to life's struggles. You will get through this. There is a lesson and an opportunity at the end of each trial. When you are able to take ownership of your life, you are able to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

How We Do This

The fact that you are here is not a mistake. You were led here by your own intuition. You are yearning to take control of your life, fully recover from your eating disorder, and reach your full potential. However, you realize that you may need help facilitating this process which shows that you are already practicing a high level of self-awareness.


As your coach and advocate, will work together to discover your true passion while replacing negative patterns of thinking with positive action-based thoughts. I will teach you how to implement new behavior patterns that will assist you in reaching your full potential. By accepting new beliefs, embracing self acceptance, and saying yes to yourself, you will be able to choose what type of life you want to live. My overall goal is to help you achieve your highest sense of clarity and fulfillment. 

My Work In The World

I help clients realize their true potential through eating, life, career, wellness, performance, and leadership coaching that taps into my unique background. I combine my results-centered approach with my broad expertise to help clients achieve the greatest amount of success in the shortest span of time. 

I received my undergraduate training from Pace University and graduate training at New York University and Northwestern University. In addition, I completed a year long internship at a well-known national eating disorder recovery center. I am a strong believer of giving back to my community and making progressive changes in any way I can. As a result of my commitment to scientific research, I had the honor of being inducted into the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society and the Dyson Society of Fellows. In addition, I had the honor of becoming a recipient of the inaugural Undergraduate Research Initiative Grant from Pace University to help fund future research. In addition, I have also completed prestigious internships at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


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